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My Story

​I have a strong interest in sustainable fashion dating back to 2014, when I launched an ethical marketplace called Enduring™ Fashion. Since then, I have continued to keep up to date with the latest sustainable news and the extreme importance of sustainable fashion to help minimise waste and create systemic change within the fashion industry. 

My talent lies in combining powerful imagery with effective digital marketing and SEO image optimisation. Not only that, but I empower your team with my knowledge, so their skills grow too.


I've worked in the photo industry for 20+ years as a senior photographer for Amazon, advertising studios in New York, celebrity endorsement suites with Getty Images in Los Angeles and producing celebrity portraits at Sundance Film Festival collaborated with AP Images. I've also produced multiple marketing campaigns from concept to delivery worldwide. I have witnessed much consumption in practice, and these experiences have led me to focus on working with sustainable companies whose values align with my own.

My strength is in understanding the power of photography for both online and offline marketing strategies, with a keen interest in image culture.

Brands in my portfolio include Amazon UK, Getty Images, Waterford Crystal, Moet and Hennessy, Hamilton & Inches, Jane Davidson, Lily Blanche, Gretna Green, DC Dalgliesh, Scott Direct, Toolstop and Corum Property.

I empower businesses to present themselves in their best light. 

Sharing my skills to help you grow your business

While working on shoots, I shared photography advice with my clients. Then I started showing them how to make their images work harder for digital marketing.


Then I was invited to become a keynote speaker on ecommerce photography at the Institute of Ecommerce scale-up workshops. This led to one-on-one coaching.


Now I help businesses become better visual marketers.

If you're planning a sustainable marketing campaign, I can help you get incredible results, raise awareness and maximise your return on ad spend. 


As visual search and imagery revolutionise how people connect with brands, conscious consumers demand more with an increasing awareness of climate change and fashion's impact. Presenting your business in the best light is an art and a science.

I can help you with both.

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